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New Orleans-based musician and artist Nesby Phips launched his Beaucoup Power campaign in late 2020, an art installation intended to support the esteem and self-awareness of the peoples of the African diaspora. What started out as a lyric in one of Phips's unreleased verses quickly grew into its own art project, beginning with 50 limited edition hand-painted canvases reading "If You Black Then You Rich and Got Beaucoup Power." As the French term beaucoup is still used by New Orleanians to denote wealth, much or many, the phrase powerfully connected the cultural history of New Orleans with the diaspora throughout the Black Atlantic. The canvasses sold out almost immediately, shipping to places not only in the U.S. but to the Caribbean and beyond. Phips then partnered with Thorton Public Art to create a billboard for Beaucoup Power, located in the French Quarter of New Orleans at the corner of N. Rampart and Barracks streets next to historic Esplanade Avenue. The campaign continues to connect, uplift and inspire.


New Orleans musician and artist Nesby Phips, the grand-nephew of Mahalia Jackson, is a genre-defying creator who has worked with some of the brightest stars in the music industry. As a visual artist, Phips has created murals, canvasses and art installations intended to connect, uplift and inspire. 




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